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Links to the other Fiechter on-line

Link to the Ohanov - Goilov - Fiechter - Ferran Genealogy

Link to the Site of Arnaud and Marie Meunier (-Ferran)

Link to the Site of Purfresh (Claude-Nicolas' Company)

Link to the Wikipedia Page for Jacques-rené Fiechter (in French)

Link to the Wikipedia Page for Tiré à Part (in French)

Links of Interest

Artikelsammlung zum Thema Datensicherung, Backups und Datenrettung

Total Communication with Swisscom

Total Communication with "Ma Bell"

Go get accelerated at the CERN

If You ever need a Lawyer

Enfin un Magazine en français: ELLE

Everything You ever wanted to know on Jeans !

AltaVista: Translations

American Airlines Home Page

Swiss Air Lines Home Page

AAA Home Page

Fodor's Travel Online

Tages Anzeiger

Migros Magazin (Brückenbauer)

Migros Home Page

Coop: Besser leben!

Manor Home Page

Search Galore

Wolfram Alpha Computational Engine

The Internet Movie Database

All-Music Guide

Bing Search Engine

Yahoo Search Engine

Lycos Search Engine

WebCrawler Search Engine

Swiss Phone Book

The Swiss Search Engine

Everything You want to know on Switzerland

Swiss Traffic News

Links to nice Places on Earth

Everything You need to know on Hawaii

Virtual Hawaii

Maui, The Valley Isle

"Volcano Watch" from the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

TAHITI Home Page

Tropi-Ties E-zine and Products

Coral Reefs

US National Park Foundation


Live Video Feeds from Switzerland

Everything You want to know on the Swiss Authorities

Lake Constance Region Informations

Matzingen (TG)

Verkehrs- und Verschönerungs-Verein Matzingen

AccuWeather® Home Page


Sun, moon, stars, time

Xerox PARC Map Server

Welcome To Envirofacts


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